new points system for WoningNet and Woonmatch

On 16 January 2023 the procedure for searching for social housing will change. From that date, a points system will operate. This will apply to everyone registered with WoningNet Stadsregio Amsterdam and Woonmatch Waterland. They can accrue and lose points under this
new system.

If you show an interest in a home four or more times per month, you accrue points. And that presents opportunities, especially for people who are urgently looking for somewhere to live but who have built up little or no registration time.

the new points system

the new points systemThe new points system has four kinds of points: waiting-list points, search points, situation points and starter points.

Waiting-list points are for the period in which you are registered with WoningNet or Woonmatch. And one more waiting-list point is added every year.

You always retain your waiting-list points. Your points revert to zero only if you accept a new home via WoningNet or Woonmatch.

search points and situation points

Search points are available to everyone. They can be accrued by all applicants. You get one search point if you show an interest in a home four or more times in a month.

Situation points are intended for people who need somewhere to live urgently because they have separated and have children, or because they are living with family and do not have their own home.

Situation points are also available to foster children or children who are getting assistance under the Social Support Act (Wmo).

starter points for young people

As well as waiting-list points there are search points, situation points and starter points. The starter points are only for young people with a young people’s contract who live in Amsterdam or Zaanstad.

If their contract is due to end within one year, they can get ten starter points on a one-off basis. This is conditional on them having spent sufficient time looking for somewhere to live.

accruing and losing points

The new rules have consequences for housing applicants who do not show an interest in homes or who do not keep their appointments. They can lose points. This is generally one search point. This is the case, for instance, when a housing applicant does not show an interest in homes for a long time, fails to turn up for a viewing or rejects a home. The consequences are greater if this happens frequently. A housing applicant could then lose all the points. Waiting-list points are an exception. They cannot be lost.

opportunity to get a home more quickly

Unfortunately, the new points system does not solve the shortage of homes. It ensures, however, that certain housing applicants who are not currently covered will get the chance to find somewhere to live more quickly. If you are now renting a home and you are not searching urgently, nothing much will change for you. Your registration period will be converted into waiting-list points. If you are making use of the expired occupancy arrangement, you will get waiting-list points for those years as well.

Download brochure ’the process of looking for housing is changing’ (PDF)

Download brochure ‘urgently looking for social housing? (PDF)

opportunity to get a home more quickly

The new rules will be applicable in 14 municipalities: Edam-Volendam, Landsmeer, Oostzaan, Purmerend, Waterland, Wormerland, Zaanstad, Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Diemen, Haarlemmermeer, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn.

In these municipalities there are 13 housing associations that provide social rented housing: De Alliantie, De Key, Eigen Haard, Stadgenoot, Ymere, Rochdale, Woonzorg NL, Intermaris, Parteon, ZHV, Wormerwonen, Wooncampagnie and Habion.

WoningNet Stadsregio Amsterdam and Woonmatch Waterland work on behalf of those municipalities and housing associations. If you are registered with WoningNet and/or Woonmatch, you can show an interest in available social rented housing.


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